New year travel resolutions – How to enhance your travel experiences in 2018


A new year is here, which means it’s time to share our resolutions. Our expert reviewers, with their combined decades of travel experience, reveal their New Year’s travel resolutions.


New England

New England

Diana Cherry

Diana’s passion for the finest in travel, including hotels, destination trends and operational excellence, as well as her encyclopedic insider’s knowledge of the world’s most exclusive luxury villas, has been honed over her impressive career.

‘Ticking destinations off my ever-changing bucket list is something I try to focus on every New Year. Nashville is up there this year. I’m planning a road trip starting in Houston, which is getting a great reputation as a cultural and foodie city, taking in Austin and then Nashville. I also intend to go to New England in the autumn – something I’ve wanted to do for about 15 years. One of my other resolutions is to find the ideal piece of hand luggage, along with learning how to travel light. I promise myself that every year and, admittedly, I’ve yet to achieve that feat.’




Sandy Lowther

Sandy has worked in the travel industry for the past 27 years, and particularly in the luxury market for the last 12 years. Having worked for the UK’s leading luxury tour operator during this time, she has brought to LuxuryBARED first-hand knowledge of what to expect from a luxury hotel.

‘It’s been far too long since I’ve visited the Greek islands, so I want to return and discover what’s changed and, hopefully, what has stayed the same. Top of my list are Mykonos, Zante and Kos.’


Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Andrea Burns

A eureka moment in the Greek islands after university led Andrea to pursue a career in travel. Stargazing in Uluru, Australia, and visiting Machu Picchu, Peru, are among her favourite destination highlights.

‘I plan to continue to chase the Northern Lights, which I have become a bit obsessed with – especially as the activity is predicted to dwindle for a few years from 2019. I’ll probably return to Iceland in my quest, or head to Finnish or Swedish Lapland.’


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Alex Wix

Alex’s role as the founder and director of Wix Squared, which specialises in the creation of luxury holidays and inspired events, makes her uniquely qualified to identify those places that LuxuryBARED wants to bring to the attention of its members.

‘I’m going to brush up on my knowledge of key destinations such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia with planned research trips to both countries in 2018.’



Alison Holmes

Alison’s somewhat nomadic life has served her well. She’s never afraid to take on a new language, new culture or new experience. All of this resonates well when it comes to travelling and writing about it, so others can know what to expect when they head off to places near and far.

‘This New Year I want to go to places that are easy to get to and simple to find my way around when I get there. Maybe I’m just feeling lazy, or maybe I just need to relax and unwind. So I’m staying home during peak holiday periods. The likes of Cambodia and Laos are therefore off the list, but a Mediterranean cruise with everything planned in advance and orchestrated for me sounds ideal.’

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