Stefano Trovo – Concierge at COMO The Halkin London


COMO Hotels and Resorts are committed to helping guests discover new ways of living ‘in the moment’. So how does a concierge at one of London’s most popular hotels make a guest’s stay extra-special? Read on in our interview with COMO The Halkin’s concierge, Stefano Trovo.


Stefano Trovo – Concierge at COMO The Halkin

Stefano Trovo – Concierge at COMO The Halkin

What do you like the most about your role as concierge?

Every day is a surprise, a medley of different scenarios, guests and requests. In my role you get to know guests personally and establish a relationship of trust and respect with them. It’s always a pleasure when they return to the hotel, too.


Como Suite Balcony at COMO The Halkin

Como Suite Balcony at COMO The Halkin

Can you give us one or two examples of how you make your guests’ stay extra special?

An unusual request came from a guest who had recently bought a flat in London. While staying in the hotel, he asked me if I could obtain a spare part for his water pump in the new flat and so, after a long investigation, I was able to source it from Russia. The part was sent to London and received within five days.



What’s the most unusual guest request you’ve had that you were able to fulfil?

On 22 December one year, a guest came to the desk with pictures of a specific breed of exotic cat, and another of a special Brazilian parrot, pointing out that he wanted exactly those for Christmas presents, and on time. Three days later we had it all wrapped up, so to speak.

London’s shopping scene is overwhelming, but where do you tell people to go for a more local, great day out with a credit card?

Belgravia is renowned for its independent little boutiques catering to the most demanding and discerning of shoppers. Elizabeth, Motcomb, and Kinnerton Streets are among our top-secret suggestions.

For guests who’ve seen it all, where would you tell them to visit in London?

Suburban areas hold many unsung gems: Hampstead Heath with its gorgeous, panoramic views over the city plus stately Kenwood House and grounds; idyllic Richmond Park with its deer and ponds; and the glorious view over the Thames from Richmond Hill are all worthy of a detour.


Ametsa at COMO The Halkin

Ametsa at COMO The Halkin

Where are your ‘go to’ restaurant recommendations for guests and why?

Foremost, our one-star Michelin Spanish-Basque restaurant, Ametsa, is a memorable experience worthy of its accolades. Otherwise, I like to suggest: Le Gavroche, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Pollen Street Social or The Ledbury. And just over an hour’s drive from central London, for an amazing treat, try The Waterside Inn at Bray.

Can you really snare the best restaurant tables and theatre seats?

Keeping in mind that in London there are 11 million inhabitants plus oodles of tourists – yes, usually, within reason!


The bar at COMO The Halkin

The bar at COMO The Halkin

Tell me why guests should stay at COMO The Halkin?

It’s steps away from Hyde Park, exceptionally quiet and remains one of the most discreet properties in town.

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