The best five winter wonderlands


Imagine your perfect winter escape: during the day there are bright, clear skies over gorgeous, snow-covered landscapes. At night you’re warm and cosy as you shut out the cold and dark before a gorgeous fire, often with some delicious comfort food. Sounds wonderful. We’ve compiled this list of our favourite winter wonderlands. Each one is likely to be the perfect antidote to miserable weather at home.



L’Apogée, Courchevel | Courchevel, France

When asked to name a truly glamorous winter playground, Courchevel is usually the first name on many lips, designed with one intention: to provide access to the best skiing in the world, and it certainly delivers. Its position in the Tarentaise Valley offers the largest concentration of world-class ski resorts in the world. Every ski season, the most elite snow-seekers fill the four villages of Courchevel. Well accustomed to a sophisticated level of clientele, the resorts provide so much more than skiing. If you need a break from the slopes, you will find fantastic shopping and a veritable galaxy of Michelin-starred restaurants.


Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa | Baden-Baden, Germany

Nestled in a valley on the edge of the Black Forest, traditionally, Baden-Baden was the summer destination for European aristocrats seeking temperate climes and rejuvenating spa experiences. Sadly, this meant they missed out on the gorgeous scenes of the spa-town in winter. Yet this is when the elegant architecture of Baden-Baden takes on an enchanted air, as the snow descends as if straight from a winter fairy tale. The town has a delightful traditional Christmas market and fantastic winter activities, and if the cold ever becomes too much, you can retreat to the warm embrace of a spa’s hot springs.


The Chedi Andermatt | Andermatt, Switzerland

For an intimate winter break, Andermatt is a favourite of ours. This lovely Swiss village is surrounded by a gorgeous landscape of mountains, lakes and glaciers, which are only improved by the addition of snow in the winter. Ski facilities here are excellent, but as the area doesn’t draw the same crowds as resorts such as Courchevel, there’s still a sense of rugged charm that will appeal to those seeking a more off-piste experience. The small size of Andermatt means that the evenings can be delightfully cosy affairs spent in the traditional bars and cafés of the village.


Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa | Alta Badia, Italy

The Italian Alps offer some of the very best scenery in Europe, including the splendid, awe-inspiring peaks of the Dolomites. This Unesco World Heritage Site can be explored from the wonderful ski resort, Alta Badia. Oozing with laid-back, Italian charm, the resort provides a decidedly relaxed experience. Besides the excellent skiing, you can explore the local Ladin culture in artisan shops and food stalls. Don’t miss the annual Vintage Ski party, which closes the season with some classically retro delights.


Silversea | Alaska, USA

One of the last great frontiers of North America, Alaska is a land of absolutely sublime sights. The majestic, awe-inspiring landscapes combine with incredible wildlife to create scenes straight from your favourite nature documentaries. For a truly untamed, cold-weather experience, Alaska is a must-visit. However, this rugged, untamed land does make travelling across it a challenge – one that isn’t for everyone. We recommend surveying the scenery from the comfort of a cruise. Silversea offers a variety of fantastic Alaskan experiences.

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