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We love animals here at LuxuryBARED, so we’re thrilled that more and more hotels and resorts around the world are providing services for guest pets. But sadly, sometimes it’s just not possible to travel with your furry companions. Thankfully, some of our best-loved hotels have extra-special ‘staff’ in-house who might be able to fill the void during your stay. Here are some of our favourite hotel animals around the world.



Pearl, the Resident Retriever of Rosewood London

It would be difficult to miss Pearl during a visit to the Rosewood London. Her favourite spot is right in the middle of the courtyard, ready to meet and greet all the guests. Pearl takes an active paw in the running of the Rosewood; recently she’s collaborated with Barbour Dogs to develop the new Canine Package. Through meticulous taste-testing of the new, ethically sourced pet menu and exhaustive, paws-on research into Pearl’s Guide to London, she has endeavoured to make any four-legged guests of the city feel right at home. Besides this busy schedule, Pearl is also a tireless charity worker. She is the first-ever ‘ambassadog’ for Room to Read, a charitable organisation that develops literacy programmes all over the world. Her most recent project is a Get Active for Education campaign to build a library in India. Good girl, Pearl!


Fa-Raon, the Pampered Puss of Hôtel Le Bristol Paris

Throughout Le Bristol’s storied history, some of the most glamorous people in the world have been fortunate to be guests of this elite hotel. But despite the array of stars and royalty who have crossed its threshold, there is currently only one individual who has been officially designated a permanent guest of Le Bristol and enjoys all the pampering that entails. This fortunate fellow is Fa-Raon, the Burmese cat.

Even though Fa-Raon has his own private suite (decorated by eminent graffiti artist Renk), he prefers to enjoy the comforts and luxuries of the entire hotel, such as the concierge desk, lobby chairs and garden path. He’s well known for his effortless style and has become quite the fashionista as he rocks that custom Goyard collar and Christofle name tag.


Archie Lewoof, the Pet Relations Manager of the Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Some of the animals on this list are content simply to enjoy the surroundings of the hotels in which they reside. Not so Archie Lewoof. This terrier is well known for being active and hard-working. Archie is tasked with approving all the pet services available at the Mandarin Oriental, Paris, and he takes a very paws-on approach. He makes sure that any guests feel at home and instructs any with four legs on the code of conduct to help them be good boys or girls during their stay. He curates special welcome packs and rigorously researches for guides on the best walks in the city. He’s even tasked with taste-testing the pet menu. And if all this hard work weren’t enough, he stays in shape by jogging to and from the hotel with his coworker and owner Phillipe (the general manager of the hotel). Good boy, Archie!


Kléopatre, the Queen of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Formerly a resident of Le Bristol, Kléopatre the Burmese cat decided to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris for the serenity of Baden-Baden, Germany. Her official residence is Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, where she’s treated like a queen, enjoying all the amenities that have made this place famous. Her fellow guests have said that if one wants to enjoy Kléopatre’s company, she can most likely be found relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying the fresh air and sounds of the River Oos in her private parkland (which she is kind enough to allow guests to access).


The Gregarious Goat Tribe of Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

Visitors to the Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort will find themselves sharing it with the famous Zighy Goats. Known for their bottomless stomachs and adventurous natures (they have been spotted climbing around on villa rooftops), they’re a friendly bunch. Nothing seems to make them happier than welcoming guests to the resort. Now some might say that this is because they’ve grown accustomed to being fed by new visitors, but we like to think they’re just a very hospitable herd. When they’re not meeting and greeting, they can be found frolicking on the beach or exploring other parts of the bay (possibly looking for food).


The Menagerie of Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

Animals abound at Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, and we love it. The growing family of animal residents make wonderful companions during a stay. Many have been rescued from dire circumstances and now enjoy life in the very lap of luxury. There’s Chakira the dog, originally a stray found living on the building site of the hotel, who was discovered to have a life-threatening tumour. She was rescued and given the medical treatment she needed and now enjoys wandering the resort and welcoming the guests. Zitouna the donkey was also a stray with serious health issues. He was rescued and treated in a shelter in Marrakech, before being adopted by Mandarin Oriental in 2014. He now lives happily in the hotel vegetable garden with his new (as of writing, unnamed) girlfriend. They’re joined by Zahra and Warda, the hotel’s resident goats. During the high season, guests can also enjoy the company of ponies, camels and even Azhar the eagle for falconry displays. We’re sure the animal family of Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech will only get larger, so watch this space!

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