Perfecting the art of Gelato making at The St Regis Rome


Not a lot beats a delicious, smooth and creamy gelato when it comes to cooling down between sightseeing stops in Italy. It’s often lower in calories than ice-cream too, so no need to feel guilty about having a double helping. Here’s our scoop on a fantastic way to make this delicious treat.

The St Regis Rome, Italy

The St Regis Rome, Italy

We all love a great ice cream but there’s an art to making authentic Italian gelato. If you want to learn how, there’s a special package at The St Regis Rome that includes a half-day masterclass at one of Maria Agnese Spagnuolo’s renowned ‘Fatamorgana’ gelaterias. As well as a love of gelato, Maria’s passion for fresh fruits – stemming from her farmhouse upbringing surrounded by fig, apricot and peach trees – has resulted in some of the best gelato in Rome. All ingredients used are natural, so you’ll end up with the lightest, tastiest and healthiest you’ve ever tried. Whether you have classic tastes, like the sound of more experimental combinations such as Moscato Wine and Forest Strawberries Eggnog, or just fancy being adventurous and trying Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese flavour, you won’t find gelato quite like this anywhere else. Plus, you’ll leave the workshop with a book full of Maria’s recipes to try out at home.

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